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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Today has been hectic to say the least! I Usually get much more computer time in the day, but this was an interesting day. God is so good, and your prayers are working! We are seeing growth with new interns at possibly all levels! We also heard from a grant foundation asking for more detailed information. A big one...

At the home front, the children were pretty good. My daughter helped me out TREMENDOUSLY with chores and cleaning that needed to be done to the house. Her brother didn't make as big of a mess as he followed behind. He also carried the broom from room to room. He's very helpful. :)

Then I visit with a friend after she made an emergency Wal-Mart run for us... kitty litter. Ew.

I FINALLY opened my email to read my God horoscope of the day:

THE TRUMPET by Bill Burns:
I have chosen you for such a time as this to walk in the power of My presence and in victory. For, I have come to raise an army, a glorious army, the likes of which has never been before. For, they shall rise up and run in the power of the Most Holy to defeat the enemy. I am calling to you now. I am calling to you to be restored and to recover the gift of My love, joy and peace. Beloved, even as this year has passed by, there stands one before you, the summary and the power of which, at this point, is unknown and unbelievable. But, I call those things which are not as though they were, and you will be astounded at My work. You will be astounded at what I accomplish among My people. It is the day of opportunity and discovery, the day of receiving the blessing of the Lord Most Holy. Renew yourself this day, says the Lord; all things will be possible to him who believes.

Stay focused spiritually and refuse to allow the herd instinct of this season to push you into carnal tendencies. Expectations based on presumption or fantasy will only produce disappointment. Keep your emotions under the rule of the Spirit, says the Lord, and you will be able to resist temptations that will take you down the path of regret. James 4:7 Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

I ran over to blogger to share this amazing day and email, but before I can open a new draft, I see Chelle's post, Just Rest.

"Before long all the trials and troubles that you are experiencing will start to fade. Oh yes...they will still be there, but the enormity of them will diminish. You will gain perspective on all that is happening." -Reformed Rebel

This spiritual war is greater than I've ever imagined before. I've seen mine for far longer than I've seen anyone else's. I've seen friends and loved ones struggles and victories as my vision of spiritual battles enlarged slightly to my circle/network. The scale of this is still too much for me to understand at this point, but it is growing. Its a hard winning battle.

My biggest question right now, is how do I keep Your Name on the love. I've already come to the conclusion that the only way to win a person previously hurt by a church/christian/doctrine is to show the love. Your love. Is there a way for them to understand that the unconditional positive regard at least mostly to their face is of You? I'm not two-faced, but there are plenty of tongue in cheek, smile and nod till you get outta there situations. Not about my Jesus, so I want to find the balance of love with Your Name on it. Will they know its You when my flesh tells me to look the other way, not say the hard thing, or ask this woman "What the hell was she thinking?" Will they know that its You that hugs them, wipes their tears and noses, and listens to them angrily spew out things this fleshy vessel has spewed before? Prepare their hearts today for tomorrow's fulfilled promises, including my heart. Help me to fully grasp and understand the things You are bringing my way. I thank the ladies here and face to face friends and God sources enough. I thank You Lord for providing them all to me and choosing me. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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  1. HI Kendra...I so appreciate you. Spiritual battles...struggles are hard! But ohhhh when we get those victories there is nothing like it!
    God bless you...Chelle