My attempt at organization. :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is going to be raw. I'm still tired but very thankful for the sneak-a-nap earlier.

And, when I first started this blog, I thought I would gripe about all the crud stuck on me from life.

But He shows up, whispering peace to my worrisome heart. Dreading. That's what I've been doing. Looking out for me, keeping me steady. That's what God has been doing. My Jesus, my God.

Thank you again for comforting me. Today wasn't as rough as it could have been. You've been telling me that the end is better. There is always hope. There is so much pain in the world right now. Please pour out Your healing Spirit on all. You know my heart, Lord. Forgive me where I wrong you. Thank You for your grace and mercy.

In Jesus Name,

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ecclesiastes 7:8

The end of the matter is better than its beginning,
and patience is better than pride.

Don't let the pic font scare you. I really like the "ending quest" theme.

I prayed just earlier, "God, please. I need something. "I'm so sick."

Endings are better than beginnings.
Sticking to it is better than standing out.

"Let me live without this empty abyss, selfishness." -Flyleaf