My attempt at organization. :)

Me, myself, and Pinks

Me and the babes.
This is as real as we get. Me, the daughter, and the son. This is my precious little family, and we are quite the combo in all our glorious chaos.
"Multitasking at its finest" says my sister.

Yes. That is a cigarette in mouth. With bible in hand, I text a verse to a friend. The pink bag contains derby gear (knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet, and jersey), and the green bag contains makeup and other "purse" items. This photo was taken in 2008. Changes that could be made to represent today are: no cigarette because I quit. Yay! And the green bag has been replaced with a diaper bag... or maybe I just added diapers, wipes, and baby meds to my purse.

Ms. Kendra
My profile pic is the clay person two 4 year old boys created for me. I am a counselor with a specialty in play therapy. I also love art therapy and use it anytime I get a chance. I had the boys create self-images, and they did very well, but they wanted me to create with them. I helped mold but with their guidance. They picked the colors, dimensions, flatness, shape, etc. What captured me the most was their choice in giving eyes minus a mouth... my heart swells even thinking of it.

I know some have amazing stories of transformation and even struggle after accepting Christ as Savior. I have a date of acceptance and another date of baptism, but I truly believe with all my being that He was right there the whole time. I have early memories of my dad's bible, and my mom's grandpa was a Baptist preacher, so we were in church before birth. Over the years, it was always me that drew near or far.

In the beginning, this writing space was created to journal about my journey back to Him. I found myself in ANOTHER painful situation that took root and blossomed from a one night stand. The weight of those words even 2 1/2 years later hurts. I think even now I hold out hope that it will be better, but 6 months after that first post, that hope looks different and sits in the hands of Jesus. Thank you for finding interest in my story. I would love to chat on a more personal basis at

Also, if you find your way to this page, please tell me how I can pray for you, even if it is an unspoken request.

<3 Kendra aka Pinks