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Sunday, December 11, 2011

My First Shared Sunday

Robert's post was the first thing I saw this sunday morning.

Which took me to Unknown Mami's place for Sundays In My City.

Unknown Mami

My Sunday started at a friends house in Amarillo, TX. This is about 20 minutes from my town. As we sat around the table swapping stories and playing game, an "Unknown Number" rings my phone. I do not answer, and they leave no message.

My head swirls with possible identities. This is the first unknown to this new number. I had shut my phone off back in April of 2011. As much as I missed the phone, we did really well with out it for five months.

Then my grandmother died. I was introduced to Ray, the man she assigned as executor of her estate. He was kind enough, but like all men, I didn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

Then my dad overdosed on meth. His first hospital stay lasted over a week, and because of his diagnosis, he was a "do not publish" patient. Immediate family could go up there to find out information and see him but forget trying to get information over the phone. Ray and I communicated almost daily throughout this.

One day he asks, "Why don't you have a cell phone?"

"Do you want my financial or philosophical reason?"


"Okay then, I just started repaying my student loans, and I have lost all state benefits, so something had to go. We don't have cable, and I have internet and a land line, so the cell phone was cut from the budget."

"Okay, and the philosophical reason?"

"Well, I realize they have an importance and a purpose, but they also hinder communication and relationships. They are a great tool to promote secrecy and manipulation, and people can too easily say, 'Nope, I didn't see that text or missed call' with a fake smile and look of confusion. A cell phone keeps you constantly tied down to something while real life happens around you instead of pausing for you to answer the phone or reply to a text. I won't get started on the smart phones."

"Well Kendra, you need a cell phone."

"Yes. My friends and loved ones find many reasons to remind me of that daily."

"If the estate pays for the phone, will you carry it?"


"You need a cell phone in the car when you have those babies with you, Kendra."

"I know, and yes, I will carry the stupid phone."

So I got the phone with this new number that only few people know. I've carried it now for almost 4 months, and today's sunday began with its first "unknown."

Of course my brain suggests its related to my son's father in one form or another.

As I sit here jumbling sentences on the screen, God instantly reminds me that I can call Him anytime and without the use of a stupid phone. He reminds me of Him calling my name and me answering, knowing all the while it is He who is calling.

As I smile and feel His love wrap around me, the importance of this unknown caller dissipates, giving way to the Lord on high! My Jesus.


  1. Kendra, what a beautiful reminder! We can call on God anytime and He calls us - by name. There's no secrecy or playing around with God. We can be sure of His unconditional love for us all the time.

    Many blessings, dear friend!