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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not your typical seminary.

I took some extra time to really let God percolate all the material He has been giving me. I feel so blown away by His wisdom and knowledge, but I know that He has me standing upright and grounded. A baby limb grafted into the natural olive tree.

Last post, I spoke of possibly moving forward with a pseudo book review series thing. I've prayed so much since I visited last, trying to discern what I'm supposed to be doing with the time He has given me, and I will admit there are still so many unanswered prayers.

As much as we have botched up and stumbled through the celebrations, the Feasts of God have become our timeline of importance. A memorial. During Passover, sister commented on the smell of the lamb as we burned all that remained. She said, "No wonder God talks about how He liked the sweet smells of the sacrifice from Israel." I agreed, it smelled so good. The peace and joy that night was another something to be remembered. This is where I mention seminary. Not many people know this, but I prayed for direction about seminary or secular schooling back in 2007. I was finishing my bachelor's in psychology and wanted to be a Biblical counselor. God put me in a secular institution, and I never could answer why... until I got this book, 5 years later. God enrolled me in His seminary, learning of Him and His word the way He wanted. :)

The Feast of Weeks approaches in May. I need to say right here that this change in view of the Bible, Torah and Tenach, is not about legalism. This is not about finding any form of salvation. Jesus, the son of God is my sacrifice for salvation and atonement. Only He can make me white as snow. This acknowledging of God's instruction is deeper.

I know I've said so many times, and I have even told YHWH in prayer, "He knows my heart; You know my heart, Lord."

Psalm 119 reveals why David was a man after God's heart. Pick a verse. Any of them, and you will find a reference go YHWH's instruction. I want to make my life, not about what is in my heart, but what is in God's heart. My Elohim.

Russ Houck begins his novel, Epidemic: Examining the Infected Roots of Judaism and Christianity, with a definition of covenant as:

A vehicle created BY GOD to define both His relationship with man and the rules man must abide by to maintain that relationship. Covenant - not religion - was the vehicle God chose to define His relationship with, and to, man. (Man-made covenants were patterned after God's design.)

He then presents what he calls, "UNTHINKABLE POSSIBILITIES That We Need To Think About:"
  • What if you found out that... both Judaism and Christianity were not actually Biblically based religions - that is, that neither were birthed in Jerusalem - but rather had their origins in Babylon and Rome? I'll clearly show you this in historical record.

  • How would you feel if... you discovered that many of their major doctrines and practices were of man-made paganism and not from the Holy Scriptures? I'll show you where.
  • What if you discovered that... much - if not all - of the New Testament was originally written not in Greek, as popularly believed, but in Aramaic and Hebrew? And that several scriptures were added to the Greek text to "help" prove certain Roman Catholic doctrines that Protestants never removed? We will cover many of these.
  • What if you learned that...Protestant denominations were really just Roman Catholic sects?
  • What would you think if... you discovered that all religion, including yours, was an infection and that Judaism and Christianity are just varying strains and degrees of it?
  • What would you do if... you learned that there is a diabolical conspiracy to keep you from knowing and understanding the truth? And that this conspiracy makes the Illuminati, the Tri-Lateral Commission, and the CFR look like the Cub Scouts?
Why all the deception? Hasn't that been our enemies mo for thousands of years?
I want to allow one more week to pass before I continue sharing the research within the book. Even as I type this, a fear rises in my belly about not having enough information, but if this information and study is of YWHW, I ask that He make Himself known. The only way to truly test the spirits is knowing YHWH's voice.

I will purchase 3 copies of this book for anyone wishing to join but without means to acquire the book. Please contact me via comment or email:
After putting this together and adding links, preparing to purchase, I discovered the link provided is sold out. I have searched other places finding no other purchase options, so I will hold off again before the series starts. :)

Father God,
I ask that You be with all eyes on this space. I ask that You continue to reveal Yourself and make Yourself known to the young, old, and in between. You have amazed me into speechlessness, so I ask that You provide the words needed. Your truth needs to be heard in the land! The land is in need of repentance, God. I ask that You extend Your truth because Your people perish from lack of knowledge!! Tear down the Ashteroth poles, God! Wipe away all those ensnared by Baal! The nations think its a joke, a myth, a fictitious science fiction blockbuster hit! God, open their eyes and ears! Melt their hearts within them, as well as mine! May Your Torah be in me like a fire in my bones as well, that I must get it out for ears and eyes to understand. Be with us all. Please show us, your sheep, mercy for lack of a shepard. Shepard us to You.
In Yeshua's (Jesus) Name, amen.

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