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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Book Review

I've been doing so much research lately. I want to share many things. I finally decided to begin with a book. This book has been one of the wildest nonfiction rides I have ever been on, excluding my experience with YHWH's Word.
My introduction to this book began through Rob Skiba's March 21, 2012 airing of Revolutionary Radio:
If you want to check out more of Rob's work:
The book, Epidemic: Examining the Infected Roots of Judaism and Christianity by Russ Houck, Ph.D.; Th. has been more than just an eye opener. This journey is a heart racing, nail biting roller coaster grumbling underneath my foundation of faith like an earthquake. I can only thank our Father for His Son, Yeshua (Jesus) and his authoring of my faith.
I ask you journey through with me this amazing source of information. I will say, this is not an easy read, and I'm not talking reading grade level. I would suggest prayerfully considering this journey, asking God to cover you with His Spirit as you not only prepare to read but also discern the knowledge you are given.
I have yet to find an abundance of sources entailing the book's contents, so I hope to add some promotional light to this work. People need to know these facts concerning the faith and God that they love and worship.
Although I have felt an urgency to share and write about this book, I will post this introductory blog and wait 7 days to begin the actual review. I am currently through half of the information, and it is more than evident that the review will be a series of blogs; therefore, I'm allowing myself this last week to not only finish the book but also allow YHWH to speak to me about how this material presentation should take share.
Father God,
Thank You for all that You have given me, especially knowledge. It is better than gold. I know nothing compared to You and Your annointed ones. I ask that You grace me with the wisdom You want shared. Thank You for giving this opportunity to serve, and I ask that You guide my steps though this so that anyone reading this sees You and Your truth.
I ask these things in the name of Yeshua,


  1. They are out of stock: Aaarrggghhhh!!!......

    Amazon doesn't know anything, Aarghhh....

    blasted intstant gratification and the internet's illusion that it can deliver almost anything instantly!

  2. Dude, I feel you, BUT I hear tell the author is now taking and filling orders himself. I am looking into it. Will be soon. I will share another link soon, hopefully. :)

    1. or Amazon

    2. oops correction: or Amazon

    3. I'm not sure who you are or if you ever got the book, but I was finally able to purchase 3 extra copies. I want to do this study, and I think it is finally time. :)