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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pain blocks His voice

Ive been following an amazing series about hearing God's voice in 31 days, and it has been an eye opener. I had gotten so off track from listening to God, that I felt prompted by His spirit to not only read the words of this author but also digest them in a way that allowed His hands to work on me.

Without stepping on her toes or taking anything from her series, I would like to add a revelation I received yesterday.

I smashed my finger in my car door yesterday. It is badly bruised and still pulsates as I attempt typing this blog. My mind has been wrapped around how bad my wound hurts. Just after the incident, my daughter begins a conversation about a piece of furniture her size, and I only heard about a forth of her words. Then, a few friends called. Same thing: I spoke briefly then cut it short because my mind was completely wrapped around my bludgeoned, purple fingertip. I was like a space cadet all evening, focused solely on the pain.

As I lay in bed reeling over the evening's event, it hit me: thoughts of myself, clients, family, people in the midst of their pain.

The pain is the center of the universe, regardless of the type or cause. This pain not only directs our steps, behaviors, actions, words... it navigates us through and away from our relationships.

The pain acts like a filter or even barrier, disallowing the peace and comfort of love and healing. That's what happens to God's voice when He works to coax us out of that barrier and shell built by pain.

My own pain turns into other forces that stifle God's voice: anger, bitterness, jealousy, etc.


Help me to locate and acknowledge the pain in my heart. Help my mind focus on you and your healing more than the suffering and painful wounds. Thank you for your continued patience with me and my growth. Thank you for never giving up on me and allowing me to hear Your voice even with all my humanness muddying the waters of communication. Thank you for all your wisdom and love.

In Jesus name,


  1. I do agree that this world is full of pain, probably more so than not. But I think that we should also think about that pain is also a good thing here on earth. Without pain we wouldn't know what is wrong. A child wouldn't know that touching a hot stove is dangerous or one wouldn't realize that a big gash in your side could kill. If we always felt good we would never realize that we need saving, that we are sinful. Pain tells us "YOU'VE MADE A BAD DECISION, STOP DOING THAT".
    We experience physical and emotional pain for the same reason: to learn, grow, and become wiser so as to not continue to suffer negative consequences. You are more likely to listen when you do have pain then when not. Just my thoughts anyway. :)

  2. I definitely agree that pain has a purpose. I know I tend to stay wrapped up in self-pity, exclaiming thing aren't fair until God's voice finally breaks through my selfish thinking to whisper the truth about the life lesson I just survived.

    I had 2 specific clients in mind when I felt prompted to write this also. Anger, bitterness, cynicism, and chaos cover the unreleased pain from their original hurts. There is cathartic healing in acknowledging the hurt and experiencing the grief. I think its a process that helps prepare the heart, mind, and soul for true growth. Good thoughts, Shauna! Thanks for sharing!