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Sunday, February 19, 2012

a prayer


Thank You for the unconditional love You pour out onto those that love and believe You. Thank You for calling my name to service. I ask that You guide me in the decisions before me. I am at a crossroads, and I am not sure what the right decision is. I ask that You reveal Yourself to me that I may know the right path to choose. I want to glorify Your name in my choice. I don't want to become complacent with things that are not real and endanger my calling and Your powerful agent of change. I don't want to neglect my relationship with You. Lord, You have the power and the desire to give me the things of my heart, but I'm not sure what is in my heart anymore. You warned of the negative spiritual powers that seek to destroy and scatter Your elect. I have let fear of the unknown and man's power to enter my heart, distracting me from Your truth. I ask that You realign me to Your will and reveal this to my entire being. You give wisdom and understanding to those that diligently seek You. If we ask, You will answer. If we seek, You reveal what we find. If we knock, You open the door. Here I am on hands and knees, knocking and crying out to You, my God and Savior. Please open the door to the path I am to take. Help me be pleasing to You. Thank You for always protecting me. Thank You for making me feel worthy of Your love and presence. Thank You for Your favor. Thank You for the gifts You entrusted to me, especially my children. I want to be better for You and them. I acknowledge my weaknesses and strive not to hide them away but rather let them shine to reveal Your power, grace, and glory. I admit my fear to You, knowing that You take it and fill me with love and peace. Thank You for Your healing. I ask for those healing powers to come over the people that send negativity my way. I am filled with rage as I first think of these people, but I want to act in love, Your love, and the only way that is possible is if I be still and let You fill my being with the most perfect love known in the universe. Your love. Thank You for listening to my prayer. Thank You for moving in the lives of those we lift up to You, daily. I'm sorry for doubting this work. Instead of seeking out Your will and aligning my prayers and actions to that will, I've selfishly stood by wanting to see changes that I think should be made. Continue to guide me back to Your will, knowing that You are in control and working for my benefit and Your glory. Thank You again for listening to me and loving me. In Jesus Name, Amen.


  1. Kendra,

    Lovely prayer, and my hugs and prayers go out to you.


  2. Humility has it's own reward, faith in the gifts and blessings you have will help you make it through. Great prayer.

    Peace and persistence to you.

  3. Hi Kendra ~ That's a great prayer. Thank you for sharing it. Isn't it good to know that no matter where we are or what we do...HE is always there listening and watching over us.

    Blessings to you