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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I understood...

a new concept of time.

A broken hearted friend has intimately shared his pain of lost love for some months.

I remember early in the sharing and redirecting to positive thoughts, he said, "I just need to get my bike done, and then, I'll be ready to get out there again." I always thought and even asked him, "What does that have to do with finding someone? Why do you need the bike?"

I'm not so certain I received a "sufficient" answer until today.

Without knowing, he taught me that "finishing my bike" is another term for time. He needs time to refocus, recenter, recalculate who he was, his goals, other definitions he was attaching to concepts of love, loyalty, nurturing, communication, motivations, hurt, insecurity... I could go on.

It made me understand even more the work's importance I am doing NOW for Him. How important it is that I allow Him to define me through whatever moment. He taught me about time and refocus. Recenter.


Thank You for your constant patience with me. I am such a stubborn child at times, not listening well. Thank You for always listening to me. Thank You for whispering in my ear the things You would have me know and understand. Thank You for the hard moments and the success You give me through them. Thank You for blessing me so much and the eyes and heart to see and acknowledge these blessings. Thank You for Your presence. You have so much to give and invite us to take freely! God, be with those that we talked about all week. Be with those whose eyes fall here. Be with those that do not know You and bring them true advocates of Your Son and Glory!!! Help us to be that advocate in our weakness. You know my heart and the thoughts in my mind. You know the spirit You gave to me. Thank You for the things you bless in my heart. I serve the living God! In Jesus Name, Amen.


  1. He loves those of us who are stubborn and need patience. Your prayer is beautiful -- I love how it ends with joy.

  2. Hi Kendra - great truth put into other words. I love your prayer.
    God bless

  3. Listening is the difficult part - acting upon what we hear God say comes in second - - rather difficult sometimes too!

  4. Sweet prayer & I love the way your friend put time into perspective.